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Planning a Small Wedding at Home? Here Are Some Ideas CharmsVille

They're reasonably priced and can be purchased in large quantities for your wedding. If you want to add some curb appeal, set them up on your lawn, patio or in front. 11. Finding a local DJ Every wedding requires entertainment and what better way of entertainment than an experienced DJ who is local! If you are organizing a smaller, intimate wedding, consider considering hiring one of the local solo musicians DJ or relative. Local musicians can be inexpensive and are experienced enough to help make your celebration a success with little equipment. The DJs you choose to hire can entertain guests throughout the night. 12. Automatic Sprinklers Off It would be disastrous the moment your guests were suddenly soaked from your sprinkler system! It would be even more devastation be if your guests were surrounded by dead grass at the time of your wedding! Fortunately, with the help by garden sprinklers you'll ensure your front and backyard stay free of dead grass. You can be assisted in installing your sprinkler system at the time of your wedding. 13. Do it yourself for flower arrangements Flower arrangements are beautiful, however, they are expensive for the wedding. You can purchase bulk flowers and create your own centerpieces. There are other options, such as using gorgeous plants, succulents and cacti. There are fake plants can still be just as beautiful (and cheaper) than real ones. 14. Choose a tablecloth with a decorative design. for small-scale events You can purchase folding tables and chairs that can be folded to make room. They may look ugly first but covering them up with tablecloths will make it much more stylish and affordable. The tablecloths as well as the chair covers are able to be folded and stored after the wedding. 15. Remodel Your Backyard If your backyard is out .